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Fancy Dress - A Community for Gorillaz Cosplayers

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AHHH! I am really excited I found this place :3 [19 Oct 2010|09:43am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Well aaaaanyway, my boyfriend and I are going to be cosplaying Noodle and Murdoc from the "On Melancholy Hill" video for our Gorillaz concert on the 30th/Halloween. The only thing I really have right now are kinda crappy progress photos of my costume:
 there's the outfit for reference
Noodle!Collapse )
I'm gonna cut the toes off of the socks and I obviously need to add the pockets and make her "scarf" but my main question is: does anyone know where I can get gloves like hers? I've looked everywhere! I have tiny, tiny hands so kids gloves are recommended! Sooo, thanks for looking! Once I have some photos of my boyfriend's stuff I'll post that, too. I'm excited to go pretend I'm shooting evil airplanes down with my plastic tommy gun. >:]

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[30 Apr 2010|10:23am]

Ok, My son Age 5 but wearing a size 7 (he is tall and waist a size six narrow) is so wanting to be Noodle for Halloween. My daughter wants to be 2-D (Age 6 and a size 7) and they want me to be Murdoc (I am 6 foot and nothing) and my Current (Five foot 10) to be Russel. Their last name actually they share with Murdoc, so that is cool. But where can I find a place to alter costumes, or even find costumes themselves? I love that they like the music I like but, . . . Where fore costumes?
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Broke cosplayer needs help! [20 Mar 2010|03:18am]

Errm, hello there folks! This place seems a bit... sparse. *watches tumbleweed go by* If anyone is still actually a member of this community, I got a quick question to ask. I've cosplayed 2D a few times, but I could never find black sclera contacts that were under $100. Does anyone know where I could get a cheap pair that won't leak ink and make me go blind? XD I wanna make my cosplay as authentic as possible, but I don't want to end up paying more for a set of contacts than the tickets to the damn con itself. Any advice would be lovely. ^_^
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Woah...Dead. [15 Feb 2010|09:58am]

[ mood | awake ]

Dead community...
I'll try to liven it up...Collapse )

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Anime Expo - HomoSapien Take O V E R [25 Aug 2009|11:09am]

Since 2001, it's been my dream to bring together a Gorillaz cosplay group. Earlier this year, s0nified , gimikado , and mastermind2032 finally made my dream come true by agreeing to make it happen. Here are the results. :D

s0nified as 2D
gimikado as Murdoc
gotenks as Noodle
mastermind2032 as Russel
photos by 4ng31

Hope you guys like 'em! Wake up, community - cosplay season is rounding the corner again!
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owo herro? [14 Jul 2009|08:30pm]


this place seems dead...aaah well I joined because I wanted to post some pictures from Anime Expo 2009 where a group of cosplayers dressed up as Gorillaz. They were srsly good and really nice. I hope this community comes back to life. Perhaps when the 3rd album is released it will. Time will tell.  For now though I'll post the pics. They were taken from one of the cosplayer'snoodle,page on cosplay.com.


Their murdoc was making me laugh. He was licking up that bass like there was no tomorrow. He was awesome. They all were.


Annnd thar you go.

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I need a second opinion. [31 Aug 2008|01:46am]

[ mood | curious ]

Ok, so it hit me. Gorillaz cosplay. Genius. Thought it'd be a fun-n-easy sort of cosplay that was more character than looks.

Obviously some other people thought it would be fun too. Heh heh, glad I found you guys. It'd good to know I'm not the only person who has considered this. And what lovely cosplayers each of you guys are, too! Wonderful, wonderful cosplays!

So perhaps a few of you could help me with my current delimma.

I don't want to just hop out there and claim my favorite character, because I want to be sure that I can pull it off.

So I'm merely just asking for opinions... Who should I cosplay? I'm not exactly looking at Noodle as a possibility because I'm really tall and... not as cute. I'm looking more at Murdoc and 2D, but if you think I'd make a fine Russel, then... whatever.

So who thinks they can give me a hand?

Here's some really random pics from last week. Me and my brother were screwing around with my camera and some pretty goofy pictures erupted... so take a look and tell me what you think. :D (And I know the last one's blurry, but I think it shows some potential for 2D-ish hair.)

1Collapse )

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Months later, DIRTY HARRY group from UK!! [15 Aug 2008|03:30am]

[ mood | sick ]

Hello again! Sorry to spam you! Here is my previous post as to my group's GORILLAZ cosplay. Since then, we lost a Murdoc, gained a Murdoc, wore DIRTY HARRY and Clint Eastwood costumes to amecon08, and have gained a Russ who wants us to retry Clint Eastwood next month! (Maybe now I will make Phase I 2D's wig...)

[ 2-D@miiol | MURDOC@1000014 | NOODLE@shazz_chan ]

Clint EastwoodCollapse )

Photo by Silver_Shards & Nocturne.
Edits by Silver_Shards & bad edits by miiol! Thank you for looking!! :D
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Another 2-D cosplay in progress :D (Dirty Harry ver) [29 Apr 2008|03:22pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

all i do is danceCollapse )

My group is hopefully doing a DIRTY HARRY ver GORILLAZ cosplay this year. Everyone wanted to do DIRTY HARRY (because we all looove uniforms) yet I'd have to stick with DIRTY HARRY LIVE, but I was persauded to wear a tanktop (modification on the original) and join in the DIRTY HARRYing :D I'm also hoping to make ROCK THE HOUSE just for fun haha. More details here. Thanks for reading! :D

PS. Our Muds and Nooooodle also have cosplayisland. :)
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My first ever Cosplay...yea! [10 Mar 2007|05:33pm]
[ mood | quixotic ]


Forgive-sies. I jazzed the picture up a bit to commemorate my severed link with reality.
Katsucon in Walla-walla Washington with the anime club was great. I bothered a helluvalot of people, shoving my camera of unbridled jolliness under their noses. And if your one of those people, I probably stammered something brilliant along the lines of "OMG yur costume is teh boss!" or "Lovesies your hair!" or "Nice arse!". But most took it with good humor, and didn't run off screaming. (Once I edit what I taped you'll probably find it deep in the bowels of YouTube.)

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Pazuzu! [21 Jan 2007|12:56am]

First time poster, but lurker for a couple months, anyway.

Hi all.

My sister actually sparked my interest in Gorillaz cosplay--She was Noodle at AWA last year and now we're planning on some Gorillaz cosplay at MTAC this April.  She'll be Noodle again of course and I've got my heart set on Murdoc.

I've still got a cape to make and I'll be looking into a wig soon enough, but I'm most proud of this:

Murdoc's Pazuzu Staff!

DevArt link, lookout.  All the boring construction stuff is listed in the description.  That staff was a ton of fun to make, I have to admit that.

Question: Anyone know where I can find a decent inverted cross?  I live in the Bible Belt, so that sort of thing ain't exactly aplenty.  I don't think I could manage to make one either, cos I suck at straight lines.

Um...Anyroad, I hope to post pics once we have these cosplays perfected.  As it is, I owe my sister a better Noodle wig.  ^_^;;
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Me as Murdoc LOLOLOL [02 Nov 2006|07:46pm]

Here's my Murdoc costume I made for Halloween.

COME ON IN, KIDSCollapse )

Sorry for the lack of witty or descriptive descriptions. I figured you'd be too stunned by my awesomeness (joking) or too busy looking at my huge Jew nose.
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My costume is FINISHED! [31 Oct 2006|11:58pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

Here's some pics I and one of my co-workers took:

Check it out!Collapse )

You like?

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Update on costume: [13 Oct 2006|05:41am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I gots me a PO Box today which means I was also able to mail-order a wig-head and cap for my costume. With that off my back All I have left is at least one pair of jeans or 2D-ish pants, a shirt, and possibly some cheap shoes. Might be able to get those when my Bank of America card gets in, that is if it arrives soon enough. If not, I can improvise with some older trainers of mine and blue jeans since I'm losing some weight and might be able to fit them finally! Right now I'ma hafta look for some shirts like the ones 2D wore, maybe even just a plain red and white T-shirt like the one he wore in "Our Toys Have Arrived!". Might do a screen test with the makeup and tooth-blackout.

Speaking of which... is there any kind of tooth wax that can make teeth look gold? 'Cause 2D has at least one gold-capped tooth and I don't know if using nail varnish would be safe.

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Gots my wig and tooth wax! [09 Oct 2006|10:39am]

[ mood | accomplished ]

WHEEE! Gots me a blue wig that I'll need to give a haircut, some purple spray and black gel to make it look more 2D-ish. Any recommendations for cutting and styling the wig and making it look authentic? I don't have any styrofoam heads to put the wig on for cutting and styling and I dun wanna make a mistake on this. As for the sclera lenses... might try getting them for a convention or something because I can't afford them now and production and shipping would take too long. I do have the makeup and will have to get the pants and shirt, and find some way to make authentic-looking tattoos on my shoulders. As for the shoes... will hafta look at some pictures to see what kind 2D usually wears. Also will need to see if I should get a hat for the costume ^^

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Is nail varnish safe for teeth? [14 Sep 2006|12:22pm]

Been thinking of adding a thin layer of pinkish/magenta nail varnish to tooth blackout to make the blackout more natural-looking, but I'm not sure if it's safe or not. Would it be safer to just mix it with a little lipstick and eyeshadow? Thing is I dun want my teeth to look totally black because unless I'm in a dark room people will know RIGHT away that my teeth are blacked out.

Any advice on this?
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Jump with them all, and move it [28 Jun 2006|02:12pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Hey guys =) I decided to cosplay Noodle at random a few days ago and thought you might wanna see.

Do I make a good Noodle? -Sora
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Phase 2 Pink Jacket [14 Apr 2006|12:08am]

[ mood | drained ]


My Phase 2 Noodle jacket, made originally for Ohayocon 6 (and photoshoot was at Anime Punch). It took two months to sew (the jacket was sewn by machine, black trim was sewn on by hand).

There is actually 5 layers worn: Sports bra, bindings, t-shirt, white under shirt, and the jacket. Which gets very very hot, especially when wearing the gloves too.

And I refrain from posting pics of me wearing that monstrosity that is my first Noodle wig. Didn't work so well and will be recycled for my fem-Conan cosplay or Ritsuka

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DARE Cosplay [13 Apr 2006|10:07pm]

[ mood | artistic ]

A bit of an old costume (Made and worn in December). It's not really good quality (ghettotastic!), since my time and funds were severely limited. But it was fun and a few people knew who I was. ^_^

http://images.cosplay.com/gallery.php?cat=34428&member=3319 The only decent images I have of me in it. My wig was, and still is, brown. But hopefully someday soon I'll not be poor and can afford the ingredients to make the dye I need.

I now wear that top to sleep in. :3

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Test...this is only a test. [13 Apr 2006|09:26pm]

[ mood | yee. ]

Okay yeah, just discovered this little place with oddly good timing...
Recently with the boredom of my spring break, to amuse myself, I dyed my hair blue just for the hell of it.....
Some of my friends and I have always kinda toyed with the idea of cosplaying Gorillaz...
Got creative this very evening and.....here's what happened.  
Note: This is a very first attempt. Simply to see what I could come up with....only a test.

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