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Update on costume:

I gots me a PO Box today which means I was also able to mail-order a wig-head and cap for my costume. With that off my back All I have left is at least one pair of jeans or 2D-ish pants, a shirt, and possibly some cheap shoes. Might be able to get those when my Bank of America card gets in, that is if it arrives soon enough. If not, I can improvise with some older trainers of mine and blue jeans since I'm losing some weight and might be able to fit them finally! Right now I'ma hafta look for some shirts like the ones 2D wore, maybe even just a plain red and white T-shirt like the one he wore in "Our Toys Have Arrived!". Might do a screen test with the makeup and tooth-blackout.

Speaking of which... is there any kind of tooth wax that can make teeth look gold? 'Cause 2D has at least one gold-capped tooth and I don't know if using nail varnish would be safe.
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