The Bitch in the Red Fedora (latifah27) wrote in gorillazcosplay,
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My costume is FINISHED!

Here's some pics I and one of my co-workers took:

You like?
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2-d has the best T-shirts. EVAR.

you did pretty good with the wig, and I see the tooth blackout stayed on well.
Ah thank you! The tooth blackout slipped off a few times and I had to stick it back on but it was cool. Made it hard for me to eat though and at the end of the day I just wanted it OFF! Also was wearing bindings which started to HURT LIKE HELL! Also had a helluva time trying to untie the knot on said bindings, but I managed. Whooo.... damn wig gave me ZITS on my forehead XD
did you buy that t shirt anywhere?