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Months later, DIRTY HARRY group from UK!!

Hello again! Sorry to spam you! Here is my previous post as to my group's GORILLAZ cosplay. Since then, we lost a Murdoc, gained a Murdoc, wore DIRTY HARRY and Clint Eastwood costumes to amecon08, and have gained a Russ who wants us to retry Clint Eastwood next month! (Maybe now I will make Phase I 2D's wig...)

[ 2-D@miiol | MURDOC@1000014 | NOODLE@shazz_chan ]

this photo by the amazing and industrious nert!

(Quick fag break!? lmao, i lit it for Murdoc, who doesn't smoke.)

King of the Carousel!

The Bass Slayer!

Japanese Axe Princess!

^ before the rain
v after the rain

Our Noooooodle fell asleep when we got back to the hotel. So of course we took pictures.
And added some GAAAAAAAY diffuse glow for sparkly gay moeee justice.

Murdoc was randomly angry, no surprise.

Photo by Silver_Shards & Nocturne.
Edits by Silver_Shards & bad edits by miiol! Thank you for looking!! :D
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