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First time poster, but lurker for a couple months, anyway.

Hi all.

My sister actually sparked my interest in Gorillaz cosplay--She was Noodle at AWA last year and now we're planning on some Gorillaz cosplay at MTAC this April.  She'll be Noodle again of course and I've got my heart set on Murdoc.

I've still got a cape to make and I'll be looking into a wig soon enough, but I'm most proud of this:

Murdoc's Pazuzu Staff!

DevArt link, lookout.  All the boring construction stuff is listed in the description.  That staff was a ton of fun to make, I have to admit that.

Question: Anyone know where I can find a decent inverted cross?  I live in the Bible Belt, so that sort of thing ain't exactly aplenty.  I don't think I could manage to make one either, cos I suck at straight lines.

Um...Anyroad, I hope to post pics once we have these cosplays perfected.  As it is, I owe my sister a better Noodle wig.  ^_^;;
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