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I need a second opinion.

Ok, so it hit me. Gorillaz cosplay. Genius. Thought it'd be a fun-n-easy sort of cosplay that was more character than looks.

Obviously some other people thought it would be fun too. Heh heh, glad I found you guys. It'd good to know I'm not the only person who has considered this. And what lovely cosplayers each of you guys are, too! Wonderful, wonderful cosplays!

So perhaps a few of you could help me with my current delimma.

I don't want to just hop out there and claim my favorite character, because I want to be sure that I can pull it off.

So I'm merely just asking for opinions... Who should I cosplay? I'm not exactly looking at Noodle as a possibility because I'm really tall and... not as cute. I'm looking more at Murdoc and 2D, but if you think I'd make a fine Russel, then... whatever.

So who thinks they can give me a hand?

Here's some really random pics from last week. Me and my brother were screwing around with my camera and some pretty goofy pictures erupted... so take a look and tell me what you think. :D (And I know the last one's blurry, but I think it shows some potential for 2D-ish hair.)

(World's fakest cigg. xD)

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